Saturday, 1 January 2011


So the new year has come, a fresh start has now arrived. I will say that the start of 2011 has been the best start to a year that I have had so far, I was counting down to midnight surrounded by close friends with a beer in hand, just having fun. Once the clocks hit midnight, there wasnt any negative feelings whatsoever, as everyone was hugging each other, wishing each other the best for the next year. I even spent about one and a half hours non stop laughing due to a comment that was made, I still laugh when I think of it.

The arrival of the new year also means that I have to consider what I want to achieve in the year to come, one of my friends believes that new year resolutions are over rated, they are never fulfilled throughout the year, and to some extent this is true, most years I will make a resolution such as to stop fighting with my younger brother, of course this fails after a period of time. However these resolutions will also be the goals I plan to achieve during my first year of adulthood. I have some very typical resolutions such as being able to drive within the year as well as doing well in my education and making my way into university. Though I also have my personal goals I want to achieve within my self, in order to improve myself as a person. One of these would be my confidence, although my confidence has improved recently, I would still like to improve it even further, especially as I will be going to university (hopefully) meaning I will have yet another new start, Im hoping by improving my confidence, when it comes to this new start I can fit in easier. Another resolution of mine is all about my friends, Towards the end of last year I was helping my friends out whenever they had any problems, my plan is to continue to be the person my friends can trust if they have a problem, no matter what it is. I plan to still be the friend who is willing to help, no matter what happens.

So I have my plans for the new year, and I hope that I can achieve them all, and hopefully by doing so I can further improve myself as a person.

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